About Me

On a pottery quest in Red Lodge, Montana, 2019.

I was a teacher and professor for 49 years, in schools and at the universities of Georgia, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Louisiana (LSU). While I loved my career, especially the students I taught and mentored, I always had an artist trapped inside. Over a decade ago, I started setting up a ceramics studio in my carport to give her a place to play. I’ve been throwing pots and making figures of goddesses and angels ever since.

As a child, I never liked selling Girl Scout cookies, and I still don’t like selling things, but I must find homes for some of my work or I won’t have room in my home for my people and granddogsl! I’ve deleted the business side of this website so you will no longer be able to order online. Contact me if you want me to design something for you.

Lilly Bridwell-Bowles