Goddesses and Fanciful Figures

I make these goddesses for family and friends, and on commission for individuals and organizations.

I like to make goddesses and other figures that have special significance for those who want them for themselves or for a gift. I made the African okra figures above after a guide at the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana told the story of Ghanaian women who hid okra seeds in the braids of their hair when they feared capture. When they arrived in America, they were able to grow food that was familiar to them so that they could feed their children.

My goddesses often reflect the place where I live; they have giant magnolias, eggplant blossoms, okra blossoms, thistles, etc., on their oversized bonnets. Some of them have friends–anoles, dragonflies, and pelicans–also familiar motifs here in Louisiana. At Advent each year, I’m usually inspired to make new angels and nativity figures. Mardi Gras brings out the over-the-top figures based on historical costumes of Krewe queens. My bunnies for Easter have extraordinarily long ears.

Contact me if you have a special request.

Lilly Bridwell-Bowles